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Conflict of interest. Review of Military Lands Protection Act proposals. Findings; legislative intent.

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Energy and water use standards for public major facility construction and renovation projects; verification and reporting of energy and water use. Use of other standard when standard not practicable. Monitor construction standards and sustainable building standards. Building Code Council created; membership, committees. Organization of Council; rules; meetings; staff; fiscal affairs. North Carolina State Building Code. Introduction and instruction of the North Carolina Building Code; posting of written commentaries and interpretations on Department of Insurance Web site.

Enforcement of Building Code. Certification of manufactured buildings, structures or components by recognized independent testing laboratory; minimum standards for modular homes. Enforcement of insulation requirements; certificate for occupancy; no electric service without compliance. Inspection of liquified petroleum gas piping systems for residential structures. Certain building inspections by State. Hearings before enforcement agencies as to questions under Building Code.

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Appeals of alternative design construction and methods. Appeals to Building Code Council. Further duties of the Building Code Council. Effect on certain existing laws. Electric wiring of houses, buildings, and structures.

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Temporary toilet facilities at construction sites. Door lock exemption for certain businesses. Access to toilets in shopping malls. Expired pursuant to Session Laws , s. Manufactured Housing Board created; membership; terms; meetings.

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Criminal history checks of applicants for licensure. License required; application for license. Notification of change of address, control of ownership, and bankruptcy.

Continuing education. Bond required. Grounds for denying, suspending, or revoking licenses; civil penalties. Hearings; rules.

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Set-up requirements. Presenting claims for warranties and substantial defects. Warranty service.

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Dealer alterations. Disclosure of manner used in determining length of manufactured homes. Display of pricing on manufactured homes. Purchase agreements; buyer cancellations.

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Permits for water use within capacity use areas - Procedures. Extension of date for compliance with nitrogen and phosphorus discharge limits. There's a story where Srinivasa Ramanujan, a famous mathematician known for his mystical experiences, was sick in the hospital and was visited by a friend, G. Topped with cilantro onions and shredded Monterey Jack cheese. Multiple award schedule contracts.

Dealer cancellation; deposit refund. Inspection of service records. Other remedies not excluded. Engaging in business without license a Class 1 misdemeanor. Staff support for Board. Escrow or trust account required. Use of escrow or trust funds; penalty for violations. Minimum requirements for dealer records for escrow or trust accounts at banks. Accountings for escrow or trust funds. Audits and record inspection.

Short title. Statement of policy; rule-making power. Structures built under previous standards. Certain structures excluded from coverage. Necessity for obtaining label for purposes of sale. No electricity to be furnished units not in compliance. Notification of defects and correction procedures. Prohibited acts. Chairman; vice-chairman; other officers; meetings; reports. Required standards and certificates for Code-enforcement officials.

Professional development program for officials. Return of certificate to Board; reissuance by Board. Certification fees; renewal of certificates; examination fees. Grounds for disciplinary actions; investigation; administrative procedures. Violations; penalty; injunction. Donations and appropriations. Disposition of fees. Prohibition of master meters for electric and natural gas service.

Compensation of Board members. Election of officers; meetings of Board. Powers and responsibilities of Board.

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License required to perform home inspections for compensation or to claim to be a "licensed home inspector". Requirements to be licensed as a home inspector. Notification to applicant following evaluation of application. Miscellaneous license provisions.

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Renewal of license; inactive licenses; lapsed licenses. Suspension, revocation, and refusal to renew license. Duties of licensed home inspector. Violation is a misdemeanor.

Persons and practices not affected. Continuing education requirements.

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Article 9G - Military Lands Protection. Legislative findings. Certain buildings and structures prohibited without endorsement. Exemptions from applicability. Endorsement for proposed tall buildings or structures required. Application to existing tall buildings and structures. Enforcement and penalties. Article 10 - Various Powers and Regulations. Injury to water supply misdemeanor.

Where does 143 come from?

Some of our codes were super private so I can't share them, but others were standard: for information, for emergency, to symbolized [sic] the. is the natural number following and preceding Contents. 1 In mathematics; 2 In the military; 3 In transportation; 4 In media; 5 In popular culture; 6 In.

Keeping swine near State institutions; penalty. Expenditures for departments and institutions; accounting and warrants. Certain institutions to report to Governor and General Assembly.