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European Citizens Crowdsourcing (EUCROWD)
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Several citizens crowdsourcing cases and platforms at the national level relevant for a crowdsourcing pilot at the EU level were identified, presented and discussed during EUCROWD events.

European Identity & National Identity: Constructing a 'We'

The following shared expectations relating to the EU level pilot crowdsourcing platform were identified by citizens, experts and government officials during EUCROWD workshops:. Skip to content The EUCROWD project consortium is pleased to announce that the final report and information on implemented activities are now available. Foto: www.

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Based on seven conference type workshops organized for citizens, experts and government officials interesting in crowdsourcing in Ljubljana , London , Amsterdam , Athens , Paris , Helsinki and Riga , the following recommendations for the crowdsourcing pilot for EU citizens were created to support debate on the Future of Europe: 1. Page 1 Page 2 … Page 7 Next page.

Public Square , our own project run in partnership with mySociety and funded by Luminate, is a good example. It is working with local government and citizens to understand how meaningful citizen participation can become an everyday part of the way all local decision-making happens.

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The last item on our wish list would be greater coherence between the institutions in Brussels and Strasbourg to better involve citizens. While the European Parliament, Commission and Council all have their different roles and prerogatives, without a co-ordinated approach, the attention and resources they have will be dissipated across multiple conversations.

Most importantly, it will be harder to demonstrate to citizens that their contributions have made a difference. Showing that those contributions matter is the biggest challenge.

Europe is distant and deals with big issues, often when they are still at a very abstract of stage of understanding and development. It is one of the hardest political processes in which to add citizen participation.

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Similarly, lots of jobs require practitioners to register with professional bodies—often a tiresome process. The EUCROWD project consortium is pleased to announce that the final report and information on implemented activities are now available. Nationalist parties have learned this lesson as well. But the study findings show that the world of is radically different to that of Czech Republic.

But without it, the foundations on which the system is built will remain fragile, and the next crisis will lead to the collapse of what looks today like strong public support. The EU has to create a democratic model that is ready for the fundamental shifts in society that climate change and work automation will bring — and if it is to work, it has to be rooted in a new relationship with citizens in every community across Europe.

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Anthony Zacharzewski is president and founder of The Democratic Society , a non-partisan organisation working for greater participation and dialogue in democracy based in Brussels and Manchester. Are you a recognised expert in your field? At Euronews, we believe all views matter.

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