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In five months, I have burned through 40 pounds of excess weight. After seeing how my body is changing shape, I have decided that this WOE has become less of a weight-loss diet and more of a healthy-body composition tool for me. Less fatigue. Fatigue is a common symptom of MS, but it can also be a troubling symptom for people who have recently switched to a low-carb diet. A few weeks into this new way of eating, I experienced less fatigue and much MORE energy than before. Once my body became better at burning fat for fuel, I was even able to go on long bike rides after only having coffee and an egg for breakfast.

Dry skin. At first, I experienced an increase in dry, itchy skin that felt much like the type of itchiness that MS can cause. I noticed that my body was shedding layers of old skin to reveal healthier, more supple skin.

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But I lacked motivation and now again I started taking sugar. The first few days were miserable. Instagram There was an error retrieving images from Instagram. In the long term plan, I focused on how to keep sugar out of my life forever. Going two weeks without it gave me a lot of insight. Tongkat Ali boosts testosterone and muscle energy. I like that it is engaging and that readers are encouraged to reflect on their own journey.

Exfoliating in the shower helped me get through this stage more quickly. As long as I stay hydrated, my skin stays happy. Hair loss. I noticed this primarily in the shower when my hands would become covered in loose strands of hair each time I shampooed. The amount of hair I shed never really made my hair look thin, but I definitely had to keep it out of my shower drain. So excited to start!

This is a super helpful guide too! My brain prefers the structure, so the menu each week goes on our letter board in the kitchen. This is my kind of meal planning! I will definitely be following along, as I need a sugar free January after this holiday season!

I made a version of the autumn glow smoothie this morning with…canned pumpkin instead. Pumpkin spiced smoothie that I make with a teaspoon or 2 of maple syrup for sweetness. I am excited for sugar-free January! I am always amazed of how much better I feel when I cut down on the refined sugars! Thank you Lindsay. As far as meal planning goes, I tend to lean more towards team writing everything down.

All these recipes sound superb. This is amazing. I am now getting super excited about January. Years ago while living in London I was introduced to African food and peanut soup was one of my favorites!

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Wow I just spent three hours putting together a meal plan for the 1st week of Jan I wish I was kidding. Then you went and did this — now my plan is in tiny little bits in the bin because this makes way more sense for my brain and for my bank account.

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The My Sugar Free Journey Podcast – Episode Renee Jones In this week's My Sugar Free Journey Podcast, we are talking to Renee Jones about her work. The My Sugar Free Journey Podcast – Episode Frederic Leroy. In this week's My Sugar Free Journey Podcast, we are talking to Frederic Leroy about his.

This is definitely the way to go, thank you for saving me from myself! I was just on a play date with a few moms today and told them I was seriously toying with the idea of doing sugar free January…. Great timing, so thank you! I need things spelled out for me when meal planning, so….

106: How to Lose 200 lbs with My Sugar Free Journey

Good job! This is really helpful — thanks so much for taking time to do this over the holidays. Thank you!

I also want to focus more on healthy eating and meal prep in the new year. In any case, this is the plan in its full and initially very frightening glory:.

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Ok, so what are your first impressions? Did it make you cry too? Does it look bland, restrictive and devoid of all that gets your tastebuds in a frenzied tangle? My sentiments exactly. Week one went really, really well. From Monday to Friday that is. And then lo and behold the weekend came along and I fell off the wagon in quite spectacular fashion. Pretty much one straight after the other. At least when I flail and flounder I do it in style, right?? I avoided the scales like the proverbial plague. Sunday evening I gave myself a good talking to as did my trainer Michelle.

She was mad, real mad!

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And then, Sunday morning, I went to the gym and weighed myself, with no expectations whatsoever of any kind of loss. So you can imagine my almighty surprise, shock and delight when I observed myself to be a whole two pounds lighter!

How to Give Up Sugar in a Week

And as I fill it with clean, lean, unprocessed foods I feel a strong sense that my body is thanking me for providing it with what it needs rather than bombarding it with preservatives, additives and a whole host of other chemicals that it struggles to make sense of. And the good news is that the meal plan does change and vary! That's probably why I burst into tears upon seeing it for the first time - I thought the list constituted what I was going to be eating for the rest of my life! And then there's the added bonus that I've had to become far more creative in my cooking.

I turn my lean steak mince allowance into a yummy, plump and very juicy burger packed full of herbs and spices such as sage, chives, basil and chilli flakes.