The Goddess of Freedom

Roman Goddess “Libertas” Imported to America
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Let the hapless African sleep undisturbed on his native shore, and give over wishing for the extermination of the ancient proprietors of this land.


Libertas (Latin for Liberty) is the Roman goddess and personification of liberty. She became a When a slave obtained his freedom he had his head shaved, and wore instead of his hair an undyed pileus (πίλεον λευκόν, Diodorus Siculus Exc. Freedom Monument, , Riga, Latvia. The concept of liberty has frequently been represented by personifications, often loosely shown as a female classical goddess.

Universal justice is universal interest. The most enlarged happiness of one people, by no means requires the degradation or destruction of another. It would be more glorious to civilise one tribe of savages than to exterminate or expel a score. There is territory enough for them and for you.

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Instead of invading their rights, promote their happiness, and give them no reason to curse the folly of their fathers, who suffered yours to sit down on a soil which the common Parent of us both had previously assigned to them: but above all, be particularly careful that your own descendants do not degenerate into savages. Diffuse the means of education, and particularly of religious instruction, through your remotest settlements.

To this end, support and strengthen the hands of public teachers, and especially of worthy clergymen.

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Let your voluntary contributions confute the dishonourable position, that religion cannot be supported but by compulsory establishments. Remember that there can be no political happiness without liberty; that there can be no liberty without morality; and that there can be no morality without religion. It is now your turn to figure on the face of the earth, and in the annals of the world.

You possess a country which in less than a century will probably contain fifty millions of inhabitants. You have, with a great expence [sic] of blood and treasure, rescued yourselves and your posterity from the domination of Europe. Perfect the good work you have begun, by forming such arrangements and institutions as bid fair for ensuring to the present and future generations the blessings for which you have successfully contended.

May the Almighty Ruler of the Universe, who has raised you to Independence, and given you a place among the nations of the earth, make the American Revolution an Era in the history of the world, remarkable for the progressive increase of human happiness! The civic ideals and promises of freedom as put forth in the founding documents of this country inspired their reverential encapsulation into an icon of feminine virtue — woman as both someone who protects and must be protected.

Soon she will be the depiction of the new nation, Lady Liberty. The 18th Century American Women blog also has a page dedicated to the history of Lady Liberty, especially as she associates with female July 4th oratory. These female orators could be viewed as the embodiment of Lady Liberty herself. Liberty as a woman goes back to antiquity.

Ms Fox is a practicing spiritual counselor, and takes the promises of a personified America to heart. She is a powerful and ancient Goddess who can guide, inspire, protect, and comfort.

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Images of the feminized Liberty appear in many places and in many forms in America. Selena Fox, on her Goddess of Freedom site which I link to in my first article, writes about this wave of government-sponsored and public depictions:. Historically, a similar soft conical hat called a pileus was associated with liberated slaves, who wore it as a symbol that they were no longer in servitude. The U. She was created by Frederic Bartholdi. An interesting side note here is that Bartholdi relied on a man later famous for an iron tower for the design of her complex internal supporting skeleton—a Monsieur Eiffel.

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The seven rays on the crown represent the seven continents and seven seas. Selena Fox goes on to describe other attributes:. It features the floating figure of a woman—an inspiring presence to the African American troops of the 54th Massachusetts that Shaw led. She encourages the commitment they show to fight for the preservation of the Union and the opportunity to live in equal status.

Theodore Roosevelt commissioned Saint-Gaudens to design several new pieces of U. To comply, Saint-Gaudens reworked the figure of a goddess he had sculpted for the Sherman Victory monument. I live in Georgia just outside of Atlanta. This because in the Greek tale Atalanta refuses to marry anyone who cannot beat her in a foot race, and a clever suitor wins her hand by distracting her during the contest with golden apples.

Liberty (personification)

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Similarly, Eleutheria has been linked to Aphrodite , also quite unrestrainable. The debate… concerns which of the two alternative symbol-systems that have been attached to these structures—the Clodian interpretation or the Ciceronian one—will triumph politically. While it is true that the French state has made an extensive use of the figure of Marianne and even included her in their official logo, in practice, Marianne cannot be limited to a mere allegory of a form of government. Charlemagne, therefore, can be referred to as Blessed Charlemagne; however, he is not Saint Charlemagne. Ms Fox is a practicing spiritual counselor, and takes the promises of a personified America to heart.

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