The Lost Art of Lingering: Mutual Mentoring for Life Transformation

Incarnate: The Body of Christ in an Age of Disengagement
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My wife Elaine is handling the orders. We should have books available in a week. Rowland Forman has awakened the nerve that has long been dulled. In a world of convenient sound bytes and insta-everything. Wayne Cordeiro, Senior Pastor,. Authors do something with what they say.

Mark had a goal in telling this particular story. Following the betrayal by Judas and the arrest of Jesus —49 , all the disciples left him and fled v. To follow was what Jesus called the disciples to do, and following was what they had been doing.

For Life Transformation

The disciples fled; the young man fled. At one time these disciples had left all to follow him. The writer displays this naked runaway as symbolic of the total abandonment of Jesus by the band of disciples who fled to escape the consequences of association with him. Shame of Abandonment But why include this little scene?

The only substantive fact added here is that the young man had an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction. Those who had been called to follow had failed.


They chose shame over fidelity to Jesus. At the Mount of Olives on his way to Gethsemane, Jesus had warned his disciples that they would all fall away. Peter protested that even if all fell away, he would not v. Yet, now, they fled. And who among us has not failed in our discipleship as we follow Jesus? In one way or another, in some fashion or another, we have all fallen—in sin, in faithfulness, in courage, in commitment.

The Best Mentor You Can Find is Up to You!

The Lost Art of Lingering is not a formula. It is not a plug and play system designed to increase the attendance of a local congregation. This book is about the. The Lost Art of Lingering is written for ordinary Christ-followers who long to experience whole-life transformation through a mentoring friendship.

And we continue to stumble in discipleship. Is there hope for us? There, as with the story of our naked runaway, the word occurs twice.

What a clever narrative strategy! The former garment, which represents shame, buries Jesus in death. In other words, Jesus gets the garment of shame from the young man. That, of course, is not to assert that it was the one and same linen cloth. Rather, Mark uses the cloth as a literary device. This artistic portrayal of the exchange of garments bears an implicit promise: for those disciples who have failed in discipleship, God offers hope.

Yes, there is hope for all of us who follow Jesus, albeit stumbling and failing, clumsy and hesitant. Amazing grace!

He is also a medical doctor specializing in dermatology. His research interests include hermeneutics as it operates in the homiletical undertaking and the theology and spirituality of preaching and pastoral leadership. Single by choice, he also has a special interest in the theology of Christcentered singleness and celibacy.


While Timeless will resonate with Christian leaders, the principles apply across all organizations and contexts. SAND pre-conference workshops begin on Wed. By balancing our energy using Kundalini technology we can release traumas, trapped emotions, change our DNA, and more, to feel better in our mind and body. Empathic sensitivity has its roots in the energy field, which can be evolved to minimize and resolve the tendency to absorb others emotions and energy. I read every poem in the book. How can we be intimate with ourselves and another?

Seta turned back to the woman, prepared to protest if she offered money for the ministry received at an Iranian church leadership training conference. But the woman surprised her. She pulled out two photos and held them up side by side for Seta to see. The subjects seemed vaguely similar. One was a smiling portrait of the woman herself.

The other seemed familiar but haggard, maybe a relative. Whether she hikes in the Sierras or reads in a nearby park, Seta will strike up a conversation with anyone who speaks Armenian and invite the individual to coffee or dinner. Seta then turns the exchange from the topic of priestly intervention to a personal relationship with Christ. Sharing her faith used to be hard for Seta. Ten years ago, she and her two children had followed her husband to Dallas, Texas, when his job changed. The girls, then six and eight, tried to adjust to elementary school in a new place.

They loved to get together, eat dinner, and talk, however. She thrives on welcoming people into a comfortable environment. Teaching Christian Living Elam Ministries designs its work around education. In the United States, the Ten Commandments form a basic moral law, even for people who deny any Fit for Service belief in them—no stealing, no killing, no lying. But Toward the end of her time in seminary, a friend in Iran, the absence of Judeo-Christian values affects called Seta and took her to a church meeting about converts who struggle to live like Christ without any a mission organization focused on Iran, Elam framework against which to measure life in the Spirit.

Seta sat with her mouth open as she listened to stories of mullahs receiving the Bible after character of a Christian. What does it mean to make decisions like a Christian? What does it mean to live having dreams telling them to wait on God. She also like a Christian, or raise your children as Christians?

Since then, fellow Iranians to faith—such as a prayer walk during she has answered multiple invitations to return and which two women carrying Bibles ended up delivering teach. I knew the basics, but when secondary and tertiary questions would come up, I felt unequipped to answer them.

Five-and-a-half years later, she had completed a degree in biblical studies. Go to dts. I used to think I knew all about women. Ministering to Pastors Until six months ago, Seta taught only the females in the church. But when Elam developed a gathering for pastors and church leaders on the topic of ministering to women, Seta had information they needed. Difficult subjects such as childhood sexual abuse and drug abuse can stump these pastors because of the disconnect between their faith and their culture. Then she gives her learners tools for identifying and confronting such problems in their congregations.

They know their Bibles and theology very well. But how does a woman think? How do different abuses affect women? By the grace of the Holy Spirit, they were able to hear, learn, and ask questions.

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The pastors were dealing with abuse in their congregations. More sobering, however, was the realization that several of these pastors had themselves grown up in abusive homes and needed help to overcome their own emotional wounds. So we give them a chance to confront that past and find healing so they can minister well. The Reality of Freedom In hundreds of wallets across an area steeped in spiritual bondage, pairs of pictures testify to the reality of freedom in a culture known for its vice-like control. The hopelessness is so heavy that there are actual physical changes in people once they come to Christ.

Mentoring as a Way of Life

Some of them look twenty years younger. He truly, totally changes lives. God transforms women who lived in fear of their husbands into bold evangelists who approach people on the streets.

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God empowers pastors to work in their Iranian cities, and then travel to Afghanistan and Pakistan, carrying the gospel. God is at work in the Middle East. The movie, The Flight of the Intruder, is based on my squadron.